Designed to GSD

Simplified Interfaces, Workflow Driven Wizards

This product is built around the demands of I-502 Producers and Processors. It's just for you.


Works almost anywhere on the planet from the smart phone you have in your pocket.


Lightweight, responsive interface with lightning fast search.


Doesn't kick you out every few minutes, increasing work-flow throughout.


You can sort data by Room, Name, ID, Type, Price - whatever you want.

Bulk Operations

Save time by doing more than one thing at a time! None of this one step BS.

Useful Reports & Graphs

Why download CSVs when you can get kick ass graphs in real time?

Awesome Support

We're easy to get ahold of and in your time zone.

Custom Labels

Custom labels you design. Works with any packaging.

Resize & Scroll

Handles window resizing and graceful scrolling even after you sign in!