Businesses Benefit from Standards Ever wonder how the BigGuys do it? How can major retailers like QFC receive truckloads of inventory with only a few quick scans? Standards. Manufacturers and distributors like Kroger, P&G and Unilever recognize that standardization throughout the supply chain is good for their businesses. It reduces complexity, lowers costs, and ultimately benefits consumers. These companies developed methods to easily communicate by creating standards on labels, product-data, data-formatting, and data-exchange.

Cannabis Technology Communications Standards For the last two weeks the cannabis industry in Washington State has been nearly shut down. The state deployed MJ Freeway/LeafData (“MJF/LD”) on Feb 1st (it was delayed from Nov 1st, 2017) and it’s been a dumpster-fire since then. The largest issue is that Supply-Side-Business-A cannot send materials to Retail-Side-Business-B. We’re all dependant on this centralized system (MJF/LD) to communicating data from one business to another.

Desperate Need for Cannabis Label Standardization This industry has an enormous labeling problem. Nobody agrees on a format, nobody agrees on a layout, nobody agrees on required data, nobody agrees on digital-imaging. How the heck is this industry supposed to grow rapidly, while this heavy weight of inconsistency and incompatibility slows us down.

Need for Cannabis Label Standardization We could have titled this “LeafData Migration Issue #421” but, it’s bigger than just their failure of a roll-out in Washington. regarding the label problems that we’ve had it since the migration to leave data now that we’ve switched over someone to the problem with labeling that we had in 2016 which has yet to be solved we now have a more complicated a lot identifier that needs to be encoded in the label and this is causing a significant amount of problems.