Government Solutions

Completely Transparent, Fully Customizable


  • Seeds, Clones, Plants
  • Harvested Plant Material
  • Cured and Processed Material


  • Quality Assurance Testing
  • Wholesale Sales/Transfers
  • Retail Sales


  • Prevent Diversion
  • Operational Reporting
  • Tax Assessment

Solution Components

The OpenTHC solution is built on a suite of software components. The Compliance Reporting Engine or CRE is the primary data-store and interface, everything else plugs in here through a well documented API. This core system is used to drive the primary Application as well as the CRM, Laboratory / QA, Ops and Reporting components.

Each component is easily modified to agency specific requirements through simple Middleware. These Middleware scripts can be used to extend OpenTHC is nearly infinite ways. From simple rule enforcement or metrics reporting to more complex types of SSO/SAML integrations.

This solution uses entirely open-source components is easy to setup and maintain and easily customizable.

Actors in The System

Technicial Components