Nearly Any Hardware

Windows and Mac? Yep. And Linux and Chromebook, and dozens of printers and scanners and sensors and more!

Any Computer

Our software works on any platform: Windows, Mac, Chromebook or Linux Computer.

Any Mobile or Tablet

Our software works on any platform: Android and iOS based phones and tablets are fully supported.

No Servers

There are no expensive servers or extensive storage requirements.


OpenTHC supports scanning directly from mobile devices or with hand-held scanners. Including Motorola, SocketMobile, Symbol and Zebra.



OpenTHC supports printing on a wider range of devices than any other vendor. Naturally standard inkjet and laser style printers are supported for multiple label formats including many popular Avery and U-Line formats. Additionally we support specialty printers from Zebra, DataMax, Dymo, Brother, TSC and Star. Our flexible platform is also quickly adaptable to new and unique printing needs.



OpenTHC also has custom hardware integration with Serial-USB or RFID and other unique tools. More information is available on our wiki.

Labeling Supplies

We don't really care where you get your labels, we support over 100 formats and can add custom ones if necessary.

More information is available at