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# this one has all the configuration barcodes
@see https://atgsupportcentral.motorolasolutions.com/content/emb/docs/manuals/13923205a.pdf
@see https://atgsupportcentral.motorolasolutions.com/content/emb/docs/manuals/72E-69680-06a_ADF_pg_en.pdf
@see https://atgsupportcentral.motorolasolutions.com/content/emb/docs/manuals/13923002a.pdf


use Edoceo\Radix;

$_ENV['h1'] = $_ENV['title'] = 'Hardware :: Scanner :: DS4208';

$out = <<<EOT The Motorola DS4208 is a reliable and fully functional USB connected 1D and 2D imaging scanner. It supports the standard C128 barcode and the modern QR codes.

Configuring the Scanner

Configure the scanner to send a carrage return at the end of scanning. This is the default configuration.

One can also configure the scanner to operate with a lower volume.

Manufacturer Pages


echo _markdown($out);