<?php /**


use Edoceo\Radix;

$_ENV['h1'] = $_ENV['title'] = 'Scanner :: Socket Mobile 7Ci/7Xi';

// 2DData Matrix for HID Interface

//$img = _make_2ddm('#FNC HID Acceptor 000000000000#');

// Barcode for HID-Peripheral C128 - #FNB00012000500#

$text = <<<EOT

Un-Pair on Bluetooth on Socket Mobile 7Xi

  1. Powered On
  2. Press and hold both the trigger button and power buttons.
  3. Wait for 3 decending beeps, release both buttons. The CHS will unpair and automatically power off
  4. Power On again, scanner is discoverable.

For Chromebook

Using the scanner for barcode or QR code input

Android + HID / Peripheral

This gives you your preferred keyboard and use of the scanner.

Unpair the scanner; then configure to HID-Peripheral mode (Scan: #FNB00012000500#);

HID Peripheral

Pair to your Device Open a Text Field, Click the Keyboard icon (lower right of screen) On the dialog slide the switch for Hardware to On.

Android + SPP

This adds the SocketScan app, then enable it as a Keyboard selection. When using the scanner switch to this keyboard service.

For iPad/iPhone

Reset the Socket Mobile; Enable Blue-Tooth on the iPad and power on the Socket Mobile

Vibrate Mode

To enable or disable the vibration on scan

Enable: Img Disable: Img

Factory Reset

This will reset the scanner device to the factory defaults.

  1. Press & Hold Trigger;
  2. Press & Release Power
  3. Continue to Hold Trigger until a single beep (15s)
  4. Relase Trigger, confirm with five decending beeps, device off

Factory Reset



$PD = new Parsedown();

echo $PD->text($text);