OpenTHC is a suite of time-saving tools that can be used by all parts of the cannabis community. Growers, processors, labs, retailers, regulators and software developers can benefit from open-source and licensed offerings from OpenTHC.

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Operating in Alaska, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Oregon, Washington, Canada and Colombia

Coming Soon to: Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan and Ohio


Simplify your compliance, operations, and sales reporting with tools designed to save time and reduce errors. Integrated with all major regulatory compliance systems, WeedTraQR can be your team’s new home for sales and traceability tasks.

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WeedTraQR Seed to Sale, Track and Trace Services

Lab Portal

OpenTHC Lab portal streamlines communication between Labs, their customers, and regulatory systems. Easily track samples, add results, and submit COAs to your customers and your state’s regulatory system.

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Lab and QA portal


With 5 years of experience navigating an evolving regulatory landscape, OpenTHC can provide regulators with fresh a fresh perspective for writing legislation that provides transparency, security, and reliability.

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Compliance Solutions for Government Agencies

Retail POS

OpenTHC's retail Point-of-Sale platform includes in-store menus, loyalty programs, and easy inventory management for a fraction of the price that you are currently paying.

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Retail POS platform


Bring key insights to light with robust reporting and analytics tools. Increase production efficiency, track profitability, identify opportunities with your customers, and analyze inventory.

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OpenTHC insights Analytics


Whether you are building your own company, researching a particular problem, or interested in breaking into the industry, OpenTHC has tools and documentation that could save you loads of time.

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Developers tools and documentation