Easily Share & Distribute QA Data

Simplify collecting, organizing, tracking and distribution of Quality Assurance data.

Cannabis Laboratory Software

A streamlined interface for working with QA data in BioTrackTHC, LeafData and METRC.


The customer will provide a link to their sample in the system, or it can be found manually. QA results can be entered through the WebUI or the API.


Using the API or our WebUI enter the basic details of the QA sample identifier, then simply share the link with your laboratory.

This QA portal can also connect to your regulatory system, for automatic import of Sample items into your profile.


The API provides a method for integrators to both publish and query detail Laboratory Result data.

Third-party software integrators can connect into this system, using standard OAuth2 credentials. Simply register and create an Application - similar to other web-applications you know and love. The API is open to suppliers, integrators and laboratories.

The API is quite simple, there are really only three operations.