New Mexico

Integrated with and BioTrack and compliant with New Mexico Department of Health and Cannabis Control Division regulations

Growers, Processors, Laboratories & Retail

OpenTHC has technology solutions for all facets of the cannabis industry.


  • Manage Crops
  • Track Harvets
  • Full Plant Life-Cycle


  • Manage Inventory
  • Conversion and Process Tracking
  • Simplified B2B Transaction Processing


  • Receive Samples
  • Record Results
  • Publish Signed COA Documents


  • Easy to Use Terminal
  • Discount & Loyalty Programs
  • Delivery & Online Ordering

New Mexico BioTrack Traceability API Documentation

The State Traceability Portal and API are available at

The API for this system is spread across three versions. Most of the work will be done with the V1 API. Authentication is with a Company ID, Username and Password for both the UI and the API (but the parameters are slightly different in each API version).