Robust and Accurate Recording for Health Canada


Using the application in Canada has some unique concerns. Please understand the rules applied by the Canadian Government and their specific rules for a tracking system.

Copy of Manual or Pamphlet:

We have loads of training embedded within the application and a full suite of documentation is available at We also include links to some general cannabis business SOP guidelines:

How cannabis is tracked from the time it enters the facility to when it leaves the facility?

The Employee/User is, naturally, responsible for the data-entry. They follow guidelines from the SOPs and explicit steps from either a) OpenTHC Manual or b) company specific SOPs that OpenTHC can help define.

Any and all Materials received are entered first into an 'Incoming Transfer' record. This details the origin license and material information (ie: strain, product name & type, cost) on this transfer/purcahse record. These materials then flow through the WT system when they are processed (converted) or then sold through an 'Outgoing Transfer' record. Being processed consumes material from Lot-A and allocates it to new Lot-B, in this way consumption and creation are linked together. When sold, some or all of the material may be sold, each will have a line-item detailing the transfer/sale of material.

How inventory and distribution transactions are recorded for all cannabis that is possessed by the licence holder, including:

OpenTHC keeps many logs -- when these events occur and a delta of the items in the system. These logs, tied with current records, record all activities and associated context.

Dates, Packaging & Quantities

For example: on Conversion from Flower to Packaging there is a record of source materials being reduced by moving to an Lot items, eg: -350 grams from A and +100 x 3.5 g packages in B.

Lot Conversion/Processing Inputs.

From these conversion processes many events are recorded, the conversion as well as the delta between the source and the output materials. These logs contain the date, time, user, unique material identifiers and contextual details.

Lot Conversion/Processing Partial Log Example.

Other processes in the application are tracked in a similar fashion. For material collection from plants (Harvest/Cure), pre-processing of bulk materials, material refinement, packaging and sales.

Receipt of Cannabis

When materials are recevied an Incoming Transfer record is created. This documents the origin and the details of the incoming materials which become inventory lots in the receiving license.

Creating an Incoming Transfer record

Sale, Distribution and Export of cannabis and Transfer of cannabis

When materials are sold an Outgoing Transfer record is created. This documents the destination and the details of the outgoing materials.

Creating an Outgoing Transfer record

Record keeping examples

Here's some examples of the Audit, Delta and Event records trapped by the application, it's a large SQL record dump. These are the source records that generate the output for the Health Canada CSV files.