Simplified Cannabis Software

Track and Trace, Seed to Sale -- it's really about business management.

Cannabis Compliance Software

OpenTHC is a beautiful, mobile-ready front end to multiple Cannabis Regulatory Engines.

Track and Trace, Seed to Sale?

These regulations require all licensed business to keep diligent records. Plants and Inventory, Transfer Manifests (including driving directions) and of course every Sale. The State contracted with BioTrackTHC to construct their internal system, the public API and a public fair-access system. BioTrackTHC is also a vendor of a commercial front-end.

Mobile Ready?

Yes; right now! You can use that device in your pocket to interact with this necessary business compliance data. Scan and update inventory in real time without the need to purchase additional laptops or servers or other hardware. View Charts and Reports, send Price Sheets, manage Transfers, publish product to CCX, operate the Point of Sale, update Web-Site Widgets - everything.


That's the thing the State runs that our software talks to. When using OpenTHC you will not have to use the BioTrackTHC commercial solution nor will you be forced to use the abomination that is

What Else?

So many features the I-502 Operators have been asking for. Check out the Benefits page for all the details.


OpenTHC is set of specifications and software components integrated to solve problems for cannabis and hemp businesses.

When you, or your organization are running an OpenTHC environment the following services will typically be operating. They may be running on dedicated sub-hosts, or on sub-paths -- depending on configuration.

A Primary Site, like www.@, eg: this site

Documentation about the API and the system, typically at api.@.

A dedicated single-sign-on system for authentication, to reduce attack surface. Of course, this can be customized for third-party SSO integrations like Google Apps, Office365 or other internal systems.

The Core compliance reporting engine ("CRE"). This system contains presents the OpenTHC API for communications and stores all the track-and-trace details for the governing body.

Of course, it becomes necessary to identify (and manage) the Companies, Licenses and Contacts in the space. For this, one deploys a Directory Service. Viewable by all licensed participants, access controls for who is editing.

Products must pass some Laboratory Testing before they can be sold. The Laboratory Portal provides an interface for Suppliers, Laboratories, Retailers and Consumers to view this product safety information.

For the governing agency there is a handy Operations Panel. Viewing real-time logging is a breeze. Detailed information can be pulled from the analytics engine..