Washington Marijuana Traceability Data Issues

The WSLCB has recently published the data from their “traceability” system. What a mess.

The data is provided via Box: https://lcb.app.box.com/s/s568feiing1116f132zo1cjodoi24mm5

If you download this data be aware that there is no mapping provided at all, you have to know this dataset (which we do).

Here's a few examples of issues we've found in this Traceability data so far.

  1. The Files all show 'CSV' but when you open them it's really a TSV
  2. Retail Sale for Negative Amounts
  3. Total THC Results of 390%
  4. QA Sample Results w/o Sample Inventory
  5. Mis-Matched Location and Organization ID

How can it be that the system if record has so many data inconsistencies and errors? How can anyone trust this system to deliver what it promised?