More BioTrackTHC Data Anomalies in Washington State

Here is documentation about yet another data error we've found in the Washington State Marijuana Traceability system that is operated by BioTrackTHC

A client, who shall remain nameless, brought to our attention that a specific product name was being displayed for 100s of items in their WeedTraQR system but not in their BioTrackTHC Commercial version, nor was this product name showing in the BioTrackTHC Free version. We inspected the data we get from the BioTrackTHC API and found this product name was included, and therefore displayed in WeedTraQR. Not the first, likely not the last, inconsistency we've seen between the three systems.

Fortunately the public records, show the errors as well.

Here is an example, from the specific product name 'Bermese Kush 14g' – of course these anomalies exist across multiple product names. You can view this data on

The same product name exists across four organizations, seven inventory types (Seeds, Other, Waste, Flower Flower Lot, Kief and Usable Marijuana) and 102 different strains.

It only matches for one ID, 6033356330003235, which is an item owned by New Vansterdam.

Is it possible that an update here as corrupted this across multiple organizations?

Yes, clearly.

How could such an issue occur? This is evidence that there is not a good level of isolation of data between different participants (organizations) of this system.

The most concerning part of this corruption is it's visible in the API and public records request data dump but it does not manifest in the WebUI or the BioTrackTHC commercial version. This is further evidence that the Commercial BioTrackTHC solution doesn't integrate to the WSLCB system on a level playing field – leaving vendors like ourselves to try to work with a broken system.

These inconsistencies / corruptions cast a shadow on the Washington State system and the Marijuana industry as a whole. How can the LCB enforce any of the guidelines of the Cole memo with a system that is so faulty?