Washington BioTrackTHC QA Results Bug #6

Here is a pretty serious bug in the Washington State Traceabilty system that is powered by BioTrackTHC.

In the object descriptors provided by the BioTrack API there is a field called 'sessiontime'. This value is populated with the time the object was last modified, generally. On the QA results API calls however this field is populated with the time the API call is made. So, each call to lookup the QA results reports a different timestamp. There is no method that allows one to discover the actual time the QA results were input by the lab.

This serious problem with their API compounds itself because QA results are only valid for a specific amount of time, regulated by the WSLCB. Since the API does not report an accurate time there is no method for a third party integrator to determine the accurate time.

The issue really becomes evident when WeedTraQR is getting customers migrating from BioTrash (that's what they call it) and we have to import their legacy data. All the QA results that are imported are incorrectly timestamped because of the bad data we receive from the system.

We've filed a bug with BioTrackTHC and the WSLCB on this issue. It's the fourth or fifth serious bug we've found with the QA data.