Y502K – MJ Freeway Migration in Washington

It was announced today that MJ Freeway, with about 10 days until go-live is not ready. The LCB has offered what they refer to as a “generous” offer to BioTrackTHC who has declined to extend their services.

So, now we have a scenario where the current system becomes reduced in functionality starting on the 25th of Croptober, and is offline from October 29th, until the morning of Oct 31st. A disaster, we could all see coming months ago despite MJ Freeway claiming that all would be well.

To prepare for this disaster farms should do the following things:

The MJ Freeway system is just not ready, currently, it cannot take new plants, it cannot convert, it cannot transfer and it can barely record a retail sale.  With only 10 days to go there is simply not enough time for MJF to complete the task.  Once this goes live on Oct 31st be prepared for another three months of broken shit.

Good luck to everyone!