Y502K – MJ Freeway Launch (hopefully)

The MJ Freeway / LeafData system will be launching in Washington in a few days (Feb 1st). This is the system that failed to launch Nov 1st, and then failed again to launch on Jan 1st. Third time is the charm, right?

State of the System

What we have now is a product that is very, very rough around the edges.

Third party software vendors, like us, were told we would have API stability in December. However, even as late as January 23rd, the API was changing - in ways that are not backwards compatible. So, we don't have a stable API.

The UI is still very, very rough around the edges and does not match their documentation. Even still, with a few days to launch there are script errors all over (some reported months ago). Many of the fields that existed in November have been removed - signaling a "clean-up" operation. Additionally, the API docs have dozens of fields that used to be both displayed, and usable, are now marked deprecated. So, we don't have a stable UI either. And the documentation is lagging.

The Migration

The State is allowing all businesses 15 days to re-enter all of their active inventory and plants. The businesses will have 30 days to enter all the associated QA data.

This is effectively another "immaculate conception" event, where the State has no idea of the status of any inventory as of January 31st. Starting Febuaray 1st, any farm can register any material. The opportunity to either a) divert product out or b) introduce new product is enormous.

Most (if not all) of the external software vendors will be assisting their customers with the data migrations.

Prepare Yourselves

For companies in the I-502 industry, here are a few things you can do to prepare