Y502K – MJ Freeway and LCB Epic Failure

The LCB (after may delays) finally decided to "launch" the LeafData platform. The first few days have been a epic failure. There are 100s of businesses that cannot even operate now.

First, there was the disaster of the Secure Access Washington ("SAW") system. All the cannabis business owners needed access LeafData after a sign-in via SAW. However, due to record-keeping errors on the part of the LCB many of these businesses had a mis-match between their SAW email and their LeafData emails. So, they were unable to authenticate.

The LCB and MJF/LD did not provide sufficient support at all. Both parties had stated repeatedly that they would ramp-up staff for this launch, they clearly did not. Calls to LeafData went unanswered, even after spending over four hours on hold! Emails have gone unanswered for days, a pattern that is likely to continue.

Despite our warnings at an LCB meeting weeks ago (where WeedTraQR recommended 30 days to migrate) they LCB is still continuing on their foolish path of 15 days to migrate everyone. Their system is so garbage this will never occur. I'm hopful they will eventually come around to our viewpoint and I'm looking forward to the time when I again get to tell Peter Antolin "I told you so". You think it'd get old -- but I love saying it and he keeps making mistakes.

Time to call the Governors office again.