CloudFlare, MJ Freeway and San Jose

Today (Thanksgiving) one of our applications WeedTraQR was negatively impacted by some configuration issues in CloudFlare.

Starting on the evening of the 21st some of our requests into the MJ Freeway system in Washington State (LeafData) started failing. The error response we were getting (from CloudFlare) was this:

The owner of this website ( has banned the country or region your IP address is in (JP) from accessing this website.

Well, all of our requests are from Fremont, CA -- where' we've been hosted for over four years, same IP block. Just suddenly, on the evening of Thanksgiving, our application was blocked.

Sadly nobody from the LCB -- who is responsible for this system -- was around to help due to the holiday. And, the LCB cannot really do to much anyway, as they depend on the vendor MJ Freeway (who's had a terrible track record)