Missouri Cannabis RFP Lawsuit

The State of Missouri started only a few weeks ago, is already having the lawsuits drop.

The rollout process here started back in May, has not provided a lot of time for analysis; it seems like a rush job. It was reported that dozens of companies applied for the RFP including BioTrackTHC, METRC and MJ Freeway.

At this time it appears that a contract has been awarded to METRC. However, BioTrackTHC has already brought a lawsuit.

Many of these companies have hired consultants to lobby on their behalf - an expensive process for them. This approach also has a negative impact on the cannabis business and consumer. All this lobbying, including by former House Speaker Steve Tilley on behalf of BioTrackTHC, does not serve the people of the state. This is simply a process whereby money and influence "guide" the law-makers and agencies toward their own commercial interests.

If the State had taken a look open-source backed platform, their own agency could manage the deployment without this expensive and wasteful process. One of the existing state software vendors could stand-up and maintain this type of system cheaper and faster than the current process.