MJ Freeway/LeafData License Scramble - August 3, 2019

Even though we thought we were done with all the issues of LeafData 1.37.5, it's not true! Over the weekend in Washington at least 75 licensees had their identifiers change in the system. Some of them lost access to MJF/LD, some still don't have access a few days later. And all of them now have inventory with identifiers that are not valid anymore -- they've been scrambled by MJ Freeway.

Oh, and did I mention these changes took place with no notice?

License IDs and Lot IDs

MJ Freeway has made the foolish decision to a) try to make "smart" numbers and b) incorporate a fungible identifier as part of a primary key.

In the first part, when humans with little experience try to quickly come up with some smart-numbering pattern -- it's rarely good. This is one of those examples.

And for the second part, do not ever use identifiers that can change as part of a primary key. Expecially when incorporating a fungible identifer from one object (License) as the primary identifer of another (Lot).

The Problem Reveals Itself

Here's how this ridiculous situation plays out, using made-up identifiers that follow the patterns in MJF/LD.

  1. On Friday, License J1234 creates a new inventory lot in the system: WAJ1234.INABCD. Notice that the license is part of the inventory ID.
  2. On Saturday MJF/LD changes the license from J1234 to 'M1234`.
  3. On Monday the licensee goes into work, unable to access MJF/LD -- because the authenticate is dependent on this license number. So, they muck-about to fix that issue -- if they can even get past the SAW (an authentication portal).
  4. Now they find 1000s of inventory, that used to be WAJ1234.INABxx has become WAM1234.INABxx. 1000s of packaged items have just become invalidated in the MJF/LD/LCB system. The licensee is out of compliance with regulations.

Foolish dependence on "smart" numbers. Foolish using of fungible numbers in primary identifiers. Foolish changes done without notice.


To resolve this issue two things need to occur. If the licensee is using a third party integrator they would need to de-scramble or de-duplicate these lots (and other items). And either way the licensee would need to re-label all active inventory.

Once again the low quality technology has had serious direct impact on licensees in Washington state.

MJ Freeway Response:

Changes or updates to licenses are not handled by Leaf Data Systems. If a licensee has a concern or issue with their license status, they will need to contact the WSLCB.