Akerna/LeafData Lab Result Failures

Lab Results Lost

Here I do a search type query, filtered for stuff from this year.The first is is using the universal standard ISO formatting, the second uses inferior "m/d/y" format.Both responses yield zero results.We are expecting to see results.  - https://openthc.com/01DYTMRPW4PDN2V9SMF0MCJ6T4/search-date-iso.txt - https://openthc.com/01DYTMRPW4PDN2V9SMF0MCJ6T4/search-date-mdy.txt

Here I request a specific well-known LR - https://openthc.com/01DYTMRPW4PDN2V9SMF0MCJ6T4/single.txt

This response does return a result.This lab result is created & updated on 2020-01-15. Here I request a specific well-known LR, and include the date-filter - https://openthc.com/01DYTMRPW4PDN2V9SMF0MCJ6T4/single-date.txt

And this one, for some odd reason, returns zero results. Date Filter for search, is not working as documented, those first two should not be empty.Date Filter for single is sending an empty response, for a known-good value.

Lab Results Scrambled

This is in addition to the disaster that was the WATTESTE issue.