LeafData Data B2B Sale Status Lag

When B2B Sales are filed with the State reporting system, the receiving party must connect to the system to view the incoming details and accept the material. There is an observed lag-time between status changes that frustrates licensees. This issues is identified as ES-5907

Observations of Status Lag

From an origin license, the supply side of the deal, they create this B2B Sale record in the state operated LeafData system. When created it has a status of open, once the items and prices have been finalized the origin updates the status to in-transit. In theory, the recipient should be able to see this immediately.

From the recipeient license, the demand side of the deal, they can observe a list of these incoming transfers (it's under the /inventory_transfers API). The list view may show the sale as status in-transit but when requesting a single item from the system (f_global_id) it will show the old status. The only method to observe the incoming transfer items is through this request -- that shows stale cache data.

How to Fix

The method to fix this is to simply not use the API call in the f_global mode for depending on observing the incoming transfer status. That is, use the search type API call to get the transfer, and the transfer status details and only use the f_global_id call for details of the line items.