Cannabis Retail

OpenTHC Retail Management System “RMS” replaces clunky first generation cannabis software solutions. This system was designed and built after five years of active participation in the nacent industries in Colorado, Washingotn, Oregon, Nevada, New Mexito and Californai.

Integration with your existing hardware makes migration a breeze.

The ultimate benefit to using an Open-Source solution is that YOU control what the system does and how it behaves. You have your choice of service providers – OpenTHC is simply the bilding materials and toolset.

RMS provides the complete set of tools to construct your own retail expericne and alreday interrates with the necessary regulatory systems.

Point of Sale / Checkout Terminal

The Point-of-Sale solution provides an easy to use checkout system for your bud-tenders. with ID Scannign integration it can 100% prevent an underage sales. Configuratable Sales Lmits prvent you from over-selling. Discounts configuratble by multiple options.

The system also provides an API which allows your technicial team to design custom work-flows, such as hospality or unique resort like options.

A self-checkout module is in the works, it’s currently being held back by regulations.

Product Intake

RMS already integrates with all of the regulatory compliance engines, which makes procut intake a breeze. We ave a steeamlined workfolwd that is very simple to folow.

RMS integrates with the OpenTHC P2P system, so when receiving materials from suppliers that intyegrate there it’s even eaiser. All product details, include complete Product descriptoins and QA Test Results carry over – a uniqe feature to RMS/OppenTHC

Loyalty Programs

RMS provides a built-in loyalty program – why buy two (or more) expensives things?

Online Ordering

Naturally we support online order4ing, for instore pickup. Payment can be accepted via Bitcoin. We’re working (and waiting) for someone (anyone) to support cannabis payments with merchant card.