OpenTHC is a Free and Open-Source platform, created by the team behind WeedTraQR and now includes a community of dozens of formal and informal individual contributors.

MJ Freeway (aka: Akerna, MJ Platform, LeafData) is an expensive, closed source system with a storied history of outages and security issues. MJ Freeway makes LeafData which has numerious failed and delayed launches in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Washington.

MJ Freeway OpenTHC
Founded: 2014
Team: Founders of WeedTraQR, and other community members
Database: MySQL PostgreSQL
App: PHP/Laravel PHP/Slim + RiotJS
Data Integrity:

Orphaned objects, missing primary keys. Issues delayed updates to software, indicator of core-data-integrity issues.

A history of bad engineering, gross confusion, and Zero accountability.

Primary and foreign key schema dialed in using the latest standardized technology, and learnings from the industry.

Poor documentation, PDF versions only, information duplicated to pad page count

Global repository

Clear, clean documentation powered by OpenAPI and concise Data Models


Tons, piles, and libraries of documentation in many different forms!

Video documentation and tutorials coming Q3 2019!🥳

Reporting Tools: Information Not Available, Reporting Tools Delayed in Washington until 2020 Powered by Metabase!
Funding: Wall Street fat-cats, private equity Donated cash and time from our community
Alignment: Maximise profits and shareholder value! Technology tools built by the industry, for the industry