BioTrack/WA – Phantom Inventory on Adjustments & Derivatives

Yet another data inconsistency in the BioTrackTHC system for Washington State.  In this case we see the system indicate an Inventory Adjustment – but there is no corresponding record to the Inventory itself.  Either the original Inventory records have been dropped from sync, or the Adjust data-set is improperly including this one.

 "atype": 4,
 "inventoryid": "9385560946883972",
 "location": "412457",
 "new_quantity": "0.000000",
 "previous_quantity": "2187.902796695",
 "reason": "Originally entered with stems and once reprocessed to remove them, the system was not updated to reflect the loss in tonnage. The stem are located at the property.",
 "sessiontime": "1456962584",
 "transactionid": "23108927",
 "transactionid_original": "23108927"

Fortunately we can discover from the Public Records what is the situation here. The original inventory item in question (9385560946883972) is still connected to a previous license location ID (#1771) . However, many other records in the system (such as the Inventory Adjustment) have been modified to reflect they are part of the business that took over! So, most (but not all) of the records were updated to reflect location (859).

What BioTrack did here was to move some records to the newly created location record (#1771) to reflect the data about the business that was closing. Then location #859 was modified to reflect the updated name, license and UBI. Then some (but not all) plants and inventory were assigned to the new location (and organisation) records representing the closed business.

And now, data being shared through the BioTrackTHC API is incomplete – due to the incomplete handling of the records above.

Another aspect to this issue is that also Plant Derivative items are referencing Plants that were not properly moved to the new license (or the Derivative's were improperly moved).

Either way, it's inconsistency and sloppy data handling and these issues affect more than just Washington.