BioTrackTHC Cross-State Data Contamination

Today we've observed some serious issues with the BioTrackTHC API in New Mexico.  These issues clearly indicate their system is not tested or audited for integrity.  If BioTrackTHC cannot tell the difference between New Mexico and Washington State how can we trust the other data in their system to properly track marijuana?

Manifest with Orphaned Vendors

First what we see is Manifests that indicate they've been delivered to Vendors that don't exist.  In this case the Vendor in question doesn't exist in the system at all and the Manifest data has empty values for the delivery Name, Phone City, Address and Zip and the State is defined as “WA” – which is not “NM” as expected.

Manifests with Incorrect States

A secondary issue here is that nearly 100% of the Manifests discovered from the 'sync_manifest' API show the delivery State to be “WA”.  However the Vendor records (when they exist) indicate the correct State.  Perhaps BioTrackTHC is hard-coding data in their system?

Data Integrity

BioTrackTHC claims to have the best system on the market for marijuana tracking – however they cannot even get the State correct in their data.  This calls into question the accuracy of their entire system.