BioTrackTHC API – Abrupt Change, Bad Documentation

BioTrackTHC abruptly changed their API On Saturday, May 28th with zero notice to any of the third party integrators in Washington State.

The change this time created a new value for the LocationType field of the Vendor objects. The new value is '9'.

BioTrackTHC also (silently) published an updated API document ( This new documentation introduces functionality for manifests to be transported by third parties. However, no mention is made about LocationType 9.

The introduction of the third party manifest might make one assume that LocationType 9 is a Distributor license and it's awesome the the LCB is (finally) moving forward with that type of license. However, the Vendors that appear with the LocationType 9 are definitively not Distributors, as none of those licenses have been issued. Empirical data shows that these licenses are given to Native American Tribes here in WA.

Now, the BioTrackTHC web-site has removed the JSON-21.pdf and is only providing the previous version (JSON-20.pdf) which, of course, also does not mention LocationType 9.

We reached out to both the LCB and to BioTrackTHC on the 28th and have still not received a response from either party.

To recap: Abrupt, un-announced changes to the API, documentation is missing, then the documentation was pulled, no response to request for help.

Perhaps they should take a look at how Franwell is doing things in Colorado and Oregon. The documentation is excellent, feedback from developers is actually listened to, they have held in-depth technical training and provide a fully functional Test environment (which Washington still doesn't have!). I can't fathom how BioTrachTHC can claim to be the “the most robust seed-to-sale API in the industry”. #Bullshit