BioTrack API Update 1.18 – Another Fail

Today BioTrackTHC+WSLCB released another update to the API; again with zero advance notice for third party integrators.  At the end of Friday an announcement was provided which details the changes.  This leaves integrators (such as WeedTraQR) in the lurch.  Now, we have to work through the weekend to integrate these critical updates.

On multiple occasions WeedTraQR has communicated to both BioTrackTHC and the WSLCB how to deploy updates to an API.  Announce the coming changes; provide a deployment timeline and updated documentation.  Then deploy on the schedule allowing integrators time to catch up.

Some have speculated that there could be malicious intent on the part of BioTrack.  The malicious intent theory is that BioTrash would use this intentional non-communication as advantage; ie: “Only our software works with our secret API”. These updates occur “at the last minute” and only their systems are ready.  Of course! They control the backend! They knew these changes were coming and could plan ahead.  I'm simply asking for the same.  Every other company that is providing APIs also provides advance notice.

These are just more stories about how BioTrack is a poor technology provider and another example of how a State agency cannot enforce good behavior on the part of their selected vendor.  The need for more open systems has never been more apparent.

We've just asked BioTrack and the WSLCB:

Why do you continue to make modifications and release updates w/o any advance notice for third party integrators? I've informed your organisation multiple time how to handle this properly yet you continue to ignore the advice. This behavior continues to directly harm businesses in Washington State. You should be ashamed of these sloppy practices.

We'll update with any response we receive.

Response from BioTrackTHC

Their Chief Software Architect (“TJ”) replied with this:

Hi David,

Regrettably, as a security precaution, I do not click on strange links, so I am unsure as to what the content of your blog article contains.

While I understand that both of the employees in your company are working hard to provide advice to the industry on best practices; I would suggest you do your own research on best practices and how we have actually exceeded those in the technology industry.

A quick reading of the API shows that there have not been any version breaks since inception, unless required by statute. This behavior continues to directly benefit businesses in Washington state and I am very proud of the immaculate practices we have followed in doing so.