LeafData API Success is Failure

The LeafData API has a pretty serious issue. A request indicates success however, the operation is a failure. This is on top of the gateway-timeout and other service availablity issues they had.

The Request and Response

POST /plants/update
    "plant": {
        "global_id": "WAJ499999.PL18QN4",
        "global_area_id": "WAJ499999.AR1T0I",
        "global_batch_id": "WAJ499999.BA54W6S",
        "plant_created_at": "2018-04-09 00:00:00",
        "origin": "inventory",
        "stage": "growing"

    "created_at":"04\/09\/2018 11:20am",
    "updated_at":"04\/24\/2018 01:13pm",

Notice here that while we requested an update to the Area of AR1T0I the response still indicates Area AR1T0G.

Traceability Impact

Since the rollout of LeafData the LCB has backed off of their stance that the system they operate (was BioTrackTHC, now LeafData) is a seed-to-sale solution. If fact, they have stopped calling it a Traceability system; now they are calling it simply a Reporting system.

What good is a Reporting system that cannot even take accurate reports?