Y502K – MJ Freeway Data Integrity Failures

Two months into the operation of the MJ Freeway / LeafData software in Washington State and we're still seeing epic data integrity failures. This is the system that failed to launch on Nov 1st 2017, missed the second launch attempt on Jan 1st 2018 and has left us with this broken system beginning Feb 1st.

One of the key features that this system is supposed to provide is the unique identifiers necessary for tracking the materials. MJF/LD calls this attribute the global_id. Another critical piece of data is the material type, and sub-type, which MJF/LD calls type and intermediate_type.

Global_ID Failures

The critical error here is that many data-objects that MUST have a global_id for basic operations are missing this field. That is, the field is present, but the data is missing, making these phantom invalid records. There is a very serious data-integrity error and the core-application-data-layer when this global_id can be missing. It demonstrates that MJF/LD is neglegent in their implementation. They are not enforcing data integrity, they are not enforcing data-uniqueness, they are clearly not following best practices.

This missing global_id issue has been observed on Inventory, Product, QA and Waste data-objects.

Material Type Failures

The data-object that we call Product MJF/LD calls an Inventory_Type. This contains attributes to describe what the Product is, eg: end_product/usable_marijuana. However, many of these data-objects are missing the sub-type () and in some cases both type attributes are missing.

Enforcement and Reporting Failures

These serious errors render this system IMPOSSIBLE for either MJF/LD or the LCB to use these data for reporting or for eforcement. We have shown that the system is missing critical operational data. If some of the most important components of the system are not functional, then how can we trust other components built by the same team on this broken data?