CCRS Launch Report - 2022-01-09

No surprise here but this launch did not go well.

0600h Contingency Manifest

Early in the morning of this launch it was observed that the CCRS page had been updated to include new file called "Contingency Manifest Form 1-5-23.docx". The document was a template to be used in case of issues with the CCRS platform. There was no prior information about this document.

0700 - 0900h Seems OK

The system was on-line, and perhaps processing. OpenTHC and other vendors had confirmed that some files had processed. Some files that we uploaded hadn't been processed in their usual speed. We however assumed it was due to load from everyone needing to re-upload Variety (Strain) data-sets.

1000h Manifest Email Scramble

Around 1000h all integrators reported seeing odd manifests that had been originated from other systems, for other licensees. That is, for example a Manifest from OpenTHC to a GreenBits client had messages sent to Cultivera and/or GrowFlow. We were each getting documents intended for each other. And, as a consiquence, all of us were not getting the documents we needed for our clients to conduct business.

1100h System Silence

Around this time, nearly all integrators reported that no responses from CCRS had been recevied in a long time. Our own testing for "Group 1" type uploads (Section/Product) saw that uploads were sent in, but no replies from the CCRS had arrived (as of 1500h)

1146h Contingency Status

With everyone blocked and the B2B side of the Washingon Cannabis industry frozen we requested from the LCB if we could use their Contingency Manifest

1300h Board Status

Thing were getting dire, messages from CCRS still had not arrived! OpenTHC decided to send a message LCB board members and directors with a short status update.

1400h Contingency Status

The LCB wrote us all

An issue with the new Manifest.CSV has been identified and licensees and integrators will need to use the contingency manifest available on the LCB website until further notice

Great, the document that just dropped eight hours before now becomes a requirement! Do they expect everyone to do things by hand?

OpenTHC is, as of this writing, working to get this document integrated to our platform.

1649h Request to Delay Early Reporting

The LCB Sent this message,

If your report(s) is not due today, we’d appreciate if you would delay your submission.

This request is for both manifest and other report types and will be in effect until further notice.

Our IT team is working to identify the cause of this issue and will let you know as soon as the problem has been resolved.

What they failed to mention is that, for everyone who has any business today it's REQUIRED to send in the Variety list. And, since 1100h today, that part of the system has been silent. That is, the mountain of data is REQUIRED -- and this message actually has no consequence.