CCRS Launch Update - 2022-01-10

CCRS is not fully operational. This page will be actively updated today.

0700h Current Status

The required Variety uploads from launch (yesterday) have still not processed. Manifest files from yesterday have not processed. The Contingency Manifest workaround is in place until further notice.

The LCB has also requested that we (all integrators) hold of on data uploads; "delay your submission". Their system appears to be under heavy load, they are working to identify the cause of the issue.

The CCRS system is not operational.

0900 LCB Announcement

Processing of reports is happening, but more slowly than we’d like.

If your report(s) is not due today, we’d appreciate if you would delay your submission.

Basically: the system couldn't handle the load, and now everyone needs to delay uploads of all data.

1000h Some Processing

Some have reported that some files have processed; others reported that items from yesterday have been processed. The odd-issue with scrambled-manifest emails seems to be fixed.

1141h LCB Announcement

LCB announces they have a fix in.

The limited issues with the newest version of CCRS have been identified – most can be accommodated by small changes in user submissions.

We got the email at 1215h.