OpenTHC responds to State of Georgia's Request for Quotes seeking a Seed-to-Sale Tracking System

On May 1, 2023, OpenTHC, Inc. responded to a State of Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission Request for Quotes. The purpose of the RFQ was to "establish a contract with the lowest priced responsive and responsible supplier who can clearly perform the contract requirements of the GMCC – Seed to Sale Tracking System to the Georgia Access to Medical Cannabis Commission".

OpenTHC’s 9-page response succinctly describes the completeness of the OpenTHC Platform. The team credits the brief nature of the response on the close proximity to other commitments the team was working on. In fact, the team initially thought this request was a RFI because we could not give this project more upfront diligence.

On May 5, 2023, the State asked OpenTHC to clarify a part of the team’s response. The State of Georgia explained that they were "interested in the cost to licensees for 1 million tags a year". We were asked to update the cost worksheet to reflect "any costs associated" with tags, like RFID, or, state "that [1] million tags a year will be free of charge to licensees".

OpenTHC responded that we are "not in the business of manufacturing, selling, supplying, or providing in any way the physical tags", and we quoted the State $3,000 for a Licensee year's supply of paper asset tags. In making this response, the team submitted a mistake to the State describing the capabilities of the ULID identification numbers. We stated 10^16 = (5 * 2^16) in our argument that ULID generation beat the State’s requirements: 10^16 < 2^80. The team regrets submitting this mistake to the State.

The logarithmic function breaks this down:

log_10(10^16) = 16 * log_10(10) = 16
log_10(2^80) = 80 * log_10(2)

From here it is easier to compare:

16 < 80 * log_10(2)
16 < 24.082399653118496

The difference between these two values – 8ish – is illustrating the huge difference between 10^16, and 2^80. Which is about 8 orders of magnitude. That’s the power of OpenTHC’s ULID-powered asset ID generator!

Founded in 2016, OpenTHC has a proven track record of helping over 500 cannabis industry participants complete their compliance requirements. As the public sector continues to take an interest in the open source community, we remain proud and privileged to be a part of this process.