OpenTHC responds to Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ Request for Response seeking a Seed-to-Sale System of Record

On October 4, 2023, in coalition with BKN Management Solutions LLC, and CodeBuilder LLC: OpenTHC, Inc. responded to a Commonwealth of Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission Request for Response (RFR) as the Prime contractor. The purpose of the RFR was to "provide a seed-to-sale electronic tracking system of record (seed-to-sale SOR)", to serve as the "system of record for the regulated cannabis industry."

OpenTHC’s 133-page response highlights the flexibility and completeness of the OpenTHC Platform. The response discusses how easily and inexpensively the open source off-the-shelf OpenTHC Platform can be modified to fit the Commonwealth’s needs without burdening the Commission’s customers and Licensees with mandatory sole-supplier RFID tags, or API subscriptions.

The OpenTHC team regards this initiative as our most competitive proposal to date. We are emboldened by our coalition of subcontractors (the "American Elm Coalition") who understand the importance of the Commonwealth’s governing mission, and how the OpenTHC Platform will enable their success. All subcontractor members of the Coalition are Massachusetts-local businesses, and Supplier Diversity Program participants. The Coalition’s estimate of the work positions the Commission to re-invest 69% of the value generated from the SOR contract directly back into the Commonwealth.

Founded in 2016, OpenTHC has a proven track record of helping over 500 cannabis industry participants complete their compliance requirements.

As the public sector continues to take an interest in the open source community, we remain proud and privileged to be a part of this process.