Strain Data Failure with LeafData It’s getting confusing now, but let’s back-track one step first. LeafData is the software system built for Washington by MJ Freeway – who now calls themselves Akerna. It’s the same actors, with the same problems – on their third or fourth name (don’t forget MTech). TL;DR The Akerna/MJ Freeway/LeafData system in Washington was upgraded to version 1.37.5 on July 15th, 2019. That upgrade was intended to fix a lot of problems – including one of referential integrity.

MJ Freeway/LeafData License Scramble Even though we thought we were done with all the issues of LeafData 1.37.5, it’s not true! Over the weekend in Washington at least 75 licensees had their identifiers change in the system. Some of them lost access to MJF/LD, some still don’t have access a few days later. And all of them now have inventory with identifiers that are not valid anymore – they’ve been scrambled by MJ Freeway.

Businesses Benefit from Standards Ever wonder how the BigGuys do it? How can major retailers like QFC receive truckloads of inventory with only a few quick scans? Standards. Manufacturers and distributors like Kroger, P&G and Unilever recognize that standardization throughout the supply chain is good for their businesses. It reduces complexity, lowers costs, and ultimately benefits consumers. These companies developed methods to easily communicate by creating standards on labels, product-data, data-formatting, and data-exchange.

MJ Freeway/LeafData Batch Data Slop This is perhaps one of the funniest bugs we’ve found in LeafData. What is a Batch These things called a Batch are a component of LeafData. Batches are logical data-containers for Plants and Inventory Lots. In some cases the Batch also attempts to contain some Harvest and Cure details (a failure we’ll describe later). Viewing the Slop curl \ --header 'x-mjf-mme-code: license' \ --header 'x-mjf-key: license-key' https://traceability.

LeafData and the Typo from Heck! The pending release of LeafData v1.37.5 in Washington is about like their previous releases. It’s late, it’s still got bugs and the Washington State government is still wasting money on a system that is missing critical functionality. Let’s look at example of how this dumpster-fire is wasting tax-payer money. Trival Typos In the LeafData system there is a definition of a type of material called a clone.

Cannabis Technology Communications Standards For the last two weeks the cannabis industry in Washington State has been nearly shut down. The state deployed MJ Freeway/LeafData (“MJF/LD”) on Feb 1st (it was delayed from Nov 1st, 2017) and it’s been a dumpster-fire since then. The largest issue is that Supply-Side-Business-A cannot send materials to Retail-Side-Business-B. We’re all dependant on this centralized system (MJF/LD) to communicating data from one business to another.